Past Work


Campaign Commercials:

challenge1“The Overlord Project”– a series of satirical campaign commercials for candidates running for Overlord of Planet Earth. To be broadcast on TV and the internet. There are 30 of our commercials already up on YouTube, and you can see them here!

Here’s the Facebook group for The Overlord Project!

ponypledge1Here’s the page for Vermin Supreme, the heroic front-runner! Our Friend and Teacher!

bloodcurrstill2Here’s the page for Captain Titus, the evil opponent!

clowns-still3Here’s the page for Sophia and Michael, the nice regular overlords!

truth-still1Here’s the snarky criticism page from Vermin Supreme’s campaign manager, Mary Sullivan!

toadius-output5.00_00_15_24.Still001Here’s the page for Captain Titus’ most hapless lackey, Flight Commander Toadius!


Music Videos:

tomdoesntcare1“Tom Doesn’t Care” – by Earth Heart

ugly1“Ugly” – by Matalon

nsa1“NSA Song (Get Me By)” – by Earth Heart

“Bolo Bolo Sub Miley Bolo” – by Parma Chai

Documentary Shorts:

“Sirens of Doomsday” – a documentary about women in the heavy metal scene.

Experimental Shorts:

evil1“The Adventures of Mister Chaos in the Land of Evil” – This one is so odd, I still don’t know how to talk about it and it’s like 4 years later now. Eeeeeevil….

steven9That Thing– a TV show in development which Warren is directing. Horror comedy, this series borrows a lot from Sam Raimi, early Peter Jackson, and Roger Corman as well as Stanislaw Skukalsi and Janor as inspirations. A drag queen and a nun hunt monsters which may or may not actually exist. Several scenes have been shot already, and you can see secret behind-the-scenes info and rough-cut scenes by becoming a supporter on Warren’s Patreon page!

New edit of the “brunching” scene with Stabatha LaThrills, Jaime Devine and Farasha IS NOW UP on Patreon!

(Also check out the TV shows, films and videos we’ve made with Metropolitan Pictures!)


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