Current Projects

In Release:

“Strange Harvest”
a short horror film written and directed by Stee McMorris. A minimalist foray deep into existential horror with two actors in a single location.
Strange Harvest played in 17 film festivals in 2017:
Juggernaut Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film Festival (Chicago, IL) (USA premiere!)
Boston Underground Film Festival (Boston, MA) (Selected for Best of the Fest!) (Reviewed by Bloody Disgusting!) (Reviewed by Film Thrills!)
Sioux City International Film Festival (Sioux City, IA)
SENE Film, Music & Arts Festival (Providence, RI) (Won Runner Up for Best Horror Short!)
Fantasci Short Film Festival (Orlando, FL) (Nominated for Best Experimental Film!)
Horror Hotel (Cleveland, OH) (Won first place Best Sci Fi Micro Film!)
Boston Short Film Festival (Boston, MA)
Worldcon (Helsinki, Finland) (Home of the Hugo Awards!) (Review!)
Rock Water Film Festival (Rollinsford, NH)
NecronomiCon Providence (Providence, RI)
Global Revolution Film Festival (Smithtown, NY)
Jerome Indie Film and Music Festival (Jerome, AZ)
Upstate New York Horror Film Festival (Rochester, NY)
HorrorQuest (Atlanta, GA)
Sanford International Film Festival (Sanford, ME) (Nominated for Best Visual Effects and Audience Award!)
TerrorThon (Cambridge, MA)
Ax Wound Film Festival (Brattleboro, VT) (Press!) (More press!)

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In Development:

“Whispers”– a TV series combining emotional horror with multi-layered unnerving New England Lovecraftian mystery. Written and directed by Stee McMorris. The most fully developed of our TV series so far. Support this TV series on Stee’s Patreon page!

“Plastic City”– a music video with Ed Ayoub!

“Star Space”- a pseudo-epic series of mistaken identity farces in a neo-feudal future ignorant society full of idiots. Adapted for TV by Warren from reading a series of 16th century plays, watching way too many Buster Keaton movies and meditating on the timeless nature of foolishness.

“Cult”– a contemporary dramedy TV series about the adventures of a bunch of whacked-out but lovable cultists. Written by Warren!

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