Future Wishes!

We want more gear to make stuff with, more free time to make stuff in, and more people to make stuff!

The most helpfully helpful way to help us get these three things is with evil capitalist money! Even a dollar helps us immensely! But you can be a patron of the arts, and one of our Coven of Witchworks Dreamers with cool stuff, LEADS to cool stuff, or by telling people nice stuff about us, or by just clicking your heels and saying “I believe!”  You can bring pony wishes to witches.  Do it.

Here’s Stee’s Patreon page. Make her dream happen with a dollar. For the madness!

Here’s Warren’s Patreon page. Get his attention with a dollar. For the ponies!

But not everybody has even a dollar! Sometimes they have resources instead, whether physical, mental or with witchy spells of their own…

Here’s our witch-wish list of gear we want:

Here’s a list of what locations we’re looking to shoot in:

Here’s a list of what actors we’re looking for:

Here’s the list of where we’ll be hosting Dreamer parties, and where the parties are:

Here’s what we’re working on right now!