Elisa Warhol something something!

Christian Miller is an audio and soundtrack artist and DJ and a producer of industrial and electronic music. He helped Warren get a job at Harvard University and raise over $12,000 for the 2009 film project Don’t Eat My Face. A small clique of conservative-leaning hipster cool kids follow him to most events he attends, and he has been known to do stand-up comedy and performance art involving shopping, death, madness and such things. Check him out being all serious in Warren’s Patreon video!

Josh Kastorf is a brilliant filmmaker and director of Crypto-Candida. He reminds us that the Fair Folk Get Into Everything!

Scott Matalon is the President of Metropolitan Pictures, and has worked on 6 videos with Witchworks Films, made 3 dozen or more videos with Warren, and got us on television and in the press numerous times! We also mooch his gear all the time! Scott is a mensch! We look forward to doing more TV shows with him!

Grant Ellis something something!

Vincent Currier something something!

Jenny Cosentino is an event organizer, project manager, art director, production designer and a wizard with sets, props and costumes! We hope her career goes far!

Dylan Clark something something!

Kuma Lisa something something!

Bret Matteo something something!

Michelle McKay something something!

Kat Schimke is an actress, musician, poet and writer. Check out her blog! Here’s a song she wrote for Vermin Supreme! Here’s a playlist of videos with her acting in them, as the Super Laser Fiend!

Josh Lynch is the founder of Mustaches For Kids, and a powerful activist for compassion, peace and the environment, who has been seen on the John Stewart show!



Terra, Dan Hnatio, Tom Tipton, Jenny Putnam, Amy Splitt, Tay Sherman, Izzy Lee, Katie Coriander, Pat O’Hara, Juliet Schneider, Sophia Cacciola, Mike Epstein, David Kleiler, Angel Zamora, Marty Wolf, John Zofchak, Brian Riccio, Ed Ayoub and so many more, you inspire us and keep the flame alive!