Witchworks Films is an independent video production company in Boston, Massachusetts. We specialize in sci-fi and horror, and use our own resources to attempt to make different, odd content which is hopefully disturbing, funny, thought-provoking and entertaining. We also make video content to order, so we can gather more resources for our sci-fi and horror!

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Stee McMorris is a writer, director, cinematographer, and editor. A feminist, a neuroscientist, and the author of nightmares.
Warren Lynch is a director, producer, editor, and assistant director. An absurdist and a surrationalist, Warren may have invented the Brony in 1998.


Alex Stinson is a cinematographer, camera operator, AC, and a wizard with Steadicams, jibs and gimbles!
Garabed Setrakian is a costume designer, web designer, videographer, editor and marketing specialist.
Parama Chattopadhyay is a musician, soundtrack artist, producer and assistant director. She is already famous in her own right!
Chris Morrill is an assistant director, director, writer, editor, production manager, grip and Happiness Officer!
Tom Kenney is a tireless production manager and grip, and a relentlessly cheerful warrior for The Emperor!
Jessica Barchard is an assistant director, production manager and grip.
Sandri Valente is a production designer extraordinaire, as well as a costume designer, makeup artist and prop designer!
Jenny Cosentino is an art director, costume, set, prop hair and makeup designer extraordinaire!
Carlo Barbieri is a director of several of his own films, as well as an assistant director, grip, gaffer, location scout and production manager!