New video! “Neighsayers”

The decisions we make at this time will truly affect all future generations yet to come! Will they be enslaved by some grumpy-ass Planetary Overlord, or are they going to all get ponies?

Starring Katie Coriander as Mary Sullivan the Neighsayer
Hope Zimmerman as the Queen of Time
John Zofchak as Captain Titus
Jaime Devine as Lieutenant Invicta
Chris Morrill as Lieutenant Berzerkus
Admiral Munchkins the Pony as himself
Vermin Love Supreme as himself
Assistant directors Stee McMorris, Chris Morrill and Carlo Barbieri
Director of photography and color Stee McMorris
Camera ops by “Flower Man” Stee McMorris, “Flower Man” Rod Webber, Chris Morrill and Warren Lynch
Assistant Camera by Ricky the Sexist
Directed and edited by Warren Lynch
A Witchworks Films production

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